Students Review Liberty!

We love feedback! It helps us to provide students with a better and more enjoyable training experience. 
  1. A big thank you to Mark Rich and Liberty Firearm Training. Precision rifle one. Great class, highly recommend it.
    John Sieber
  2. Today I attended the Beginner Handgun Fundamentals course to improve my skills and gain more confidence. It was a professional presentation by knowledgable instructors. I highly recommend this course to someone wanting to refresh their skills or someone new to handgun ownership. Great group. Great course.
    Jan Noren Jackson
  3. Thank you guys for a very informative class this evening. It has defiantly given me the knowledge to know when and when not I can use deadly force to protect myself, my family and others. I look forward to some hands on traning soon.
    Theresa Pena
  4. Had my first individual training session yesterday and am absolutely loving it, looking forward to next months training.
    Andrew Richey
  5. Thank you Mr. Mark, Mr. Jack, and Mr. George for the amazing training class on Saturday! I am still a beginner, and slowly learning, but you all were very patient with all of us students. I greatly enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the next class! Loved the class! Very professional, patient, and informative instructors!
    Andrea Gaustad
  6. Loved the class! Very professional, patient, and informative instructors! Had a GREAT time, and can not wait to go back to another class! Enjoyed the Beginner Handgun Class very much! George & Jack were fantastic, sharing skills and knowledge with a great balance of humor & seriousness. Can't wait for the next class!! Thanks, guys!!
    Candy Maupai Rehfuss
  7. Very informative class yesterday on the laws regarding the use of deadly force. This class will be recurrent, yearly with me. With the new laws being put in place yearly, I can't for the life of me understand why the state of Georgia doesn't make this mandatory for the possession of a carry weapons permit. Case in point, the recent incident where an under informed "good citizen" fired a warning shot at a fleeing strong arm robbery suspect. He's in say the least. Thank you Mark for the education, I'm looking forward to DP1, defensive pistol 1.
    Greg Hensley
  8. Daniel just finished his first official carbine fundamentals course with Liberty last weekend giving him the confidence to be on top of his game today at the lCIDPA Bill Westgate Memorial 3 gun match today! Thanks again guys!
    Tang Delo
  9. Awesome day, awesome leadership, we are armed and ready!
    Kelly Brock Johnson