Specialty Courses

Ground fighting/ Combatives-    This 1-day course will give you the ability to stun and disengage from an attacker, or if forced to fight, how to protect yourself in the ground fight and eventually escape your attacker  and disable an attacker if you find yourself in a grappling situation.
Course Preq: None
Course Cost: $150

Intermediate Combat Skills-    A 16 hour course that is a combination of handgun and carbine skill building that includes drills aimed at close quarters as well as longer distances out to 150+ yards. Weapon handling skills are stressed and working with partners/teams is developed.
Recommended:  Pistol Fundamentals Level 1 and Carbine Fundamentals level 1.
Course Cost: $450
Home Defense Course-    A two-day class designed for husband/wife ‘teams’ or individuals that want to know the most effective and efficient ways to protect their home and family. Discussions and drills include handgun, carbine and shotgun; cover, concealment; safe-room set up and more.
Course Preq: Recommend Level 1 Fundamentals of the weapon used during course
Course Cost: $450

Use of Force Seminar-    The need to know the rules of Use of Force if you carry a concealed weapon is critical. In addition, the force-on-force and discretionary live fire range drills cement these rules and make them part of your arsenal. In this 1-day course participants will learn about the laws as they pertain to concealed weapons carry.
Course Preq: None
Course Cost: $75

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